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If you could be a hoe, what type of hoe would you be?
Which of the following artists has been the most influential to your taste in music?
Who out of the following do you find most annoying?
Which member of the distinctly mediocre boy band 'Blue' most deserves to be shot?
If you were stuck on a desert island and had to live on a diet consisting ONLY of one cheese, which cheese would it be?
If you could own one type of monkey / ape, what would it be?
Who would win a fight between a mink and a possum?
Chopper's H.A.M. Steve and his girlfriend are getting a cat, but are in dispute over it's name, each have given three possibilities - you decide.
Which of the following fast food establishments would you rather dine at?
Which of the following jobs would you rather have?
Who is more annoying - Jade Goody or Lisa Riley?
What was your favourite cult British TV comedy
What do you prefer? Football, Rugby or Neither
What is your favourite meat?
Who would win a fight between Bruce Forsyth and Jim Bowen?
Do you think MJ (Michael Jackson) is doomed?
Do you like your job?
What is your opinion of Christmas?
How would you rate your Christmas and New Year
What is your favourite type of cooked meat pie?
Who of the following celebrities has inspired you the most?
Where would you rather live in England?
The image on the main page is a close of of Chopper's Body - but which part?
Are plans to make a forth Indiana Jones movie good or will it ruin the Indiana Jones legacy?
Who was the most sinister character(s) from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
According to the song, if it really were raining men, where would be the worst place that it could be raining? (for the men)
Monkey Puzzle trees are evil - Yes or No
Other than international superstar, what else could David Hasselhoff have been?
Which of the following would you LEAST appreciate as a wedding present?
What do you look for in a partner?
Do you find the England flags attached to cars to be patriotic or just plain tacky?
Which of these seems most like you in 10 years time?
What would be your ideal holiday?
What would be your preferred pet?
Is there too much sport on TV?
If you could have a stuffed animal, what would it be?
Which Simpsons character is your favourite?
Would you personally like to punch Daniel Beddingfield in the face?
What is your favourite flavour of crisps?
Who was your favourite member of the A Team?
Which brand of Coke is your favourite?
What is your preferred alcoholic beverage?
Would you like a white Christmas?
Which of the Beddingfields offends you the most?
Would you tell your child that Santa isn't real?
What would be the most accurate term to describe southerners?
What would be the most accurate term to describe midlanders
Which is your least favourite European Nation?
What would be the most accurate term to describe northerners?
Which takeaway pizza company is your favourite and has caused you the least amount of food poisoning?
Which vehicle would you most like to see banned from the road?
If you had the chance, who would you vote for in the coming General Election?
What would be a fitting end to the existence of Robert Kilroy-Silk?
What would you choose as entertainment at your wedding?
Out of the following glamour models, who is the dimmest?
What would you say hurts the most?
Which nationality would you most associate with bestiality? (lewd acts with animals)
What is your opinion of cats?
Apparently girls can now become Cubs! Should boys allowed to join the Brownies?
Should McDonalds sell alcoholic products to save their ailing business?
National Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming up (September 19), will you be celebrating it?
Who would you rather have as entertainment for your wedding?
Is cow tipping funny?
Should traffic wardens be armed?
What colour suit should Chopper wear for his wedding?
Assuming Chopper is wearing a lime green suit for his wedding, what colour dress should his lovely bride to be Rachel wear?
So if Chopper is wearing lime green for his wedding and his bride in white, what outfit should the best man be wearing?
What sort of theme should Chopper's wedding have?
What should Chopper do on his stag do?
Did you steal Chopper's Blue Recycling Bins?
Can England win the football world cup in Germany 2006
What would be your ideal pet?
What would you least like to receive as a wedding present
What would you most like to see happen this year?
Steve has been forced into getting a new cat. Again we get to pick the name
Steve is getting married. What colour should his wedding suit be?
Which is the worst development tool?
Who has a face you would most like to slap?

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